Monday, November 30, 2009

Free tools to get online videos to your iPhone/iPod easy and fast

Video is for sharing, so now we see an exponential increase of videos on popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Video, etc. Some original videos are tempting us to watch them over and over again, like The Talk Show American, original funny shows, which are good kill time videos especially when we are waiting, traveling or fiddling. The only problem is that it takes time to download the video by the web browser. Even if you have the patience for download, you could still be annoyed because the online videos are factually not playable on your iPhone/iPod. Let me introduce two free but efficient tools to help you get rid of the hair-pulling situation.

Leawo Free YouTube Downloader is a versatile tool that can browse the web and download the videos of the webpage at a relative high speed. It offers a manifest picture of the download process and complete video management after download. The spotlight features are capabilities of multiple download and download resumed after break. Though it is originally designed for YouTube video download, it is compatible with most other video sites as well.

Leawo Free iPhone/iPod Converter is a handy tool that can convert online FLV videos to iPhone/iPod MP4 format. It is not a complicate application to use. Even novice can find a way to get the conversion done within just a few clicks. It provides accurate profiles for high quality video output for iPhone/iPod, ensures good sync of video and audio and smooth playback.

After download and conversion, you can open iTunes to sync the compatible video to your iPhone/iPod for enjoyment. To enable enjoyment on other portable media players, Leawo has more free converters for you. Visit Leawo's Home Page for more information.

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