Monday, November 30, 2009

Free tools to get online videos to your iPhone/iPod easy and fast

Video is for sharing, so now we see an exponential increase of videos on popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Video, etc. Some original videos are tempting us to watch them over and over again, like The Talk Show American, original funny shows, which are good kill time videos especially when we are waiting, traveling or fiddling. The only problem is that it takes time to download the video by the web browser. Even if you have the patience for download, you could still be annoyed because the online videos are factually not playable on your iPhone/iPod. Let me introduce two free but efficient tools to help you get rid of the hair-pulling situation.

Leawo Free YouTube Downloader is a versatile tool that can browse the web and download the videos of the webpage at a relative high speed. It offers a manifest picture of the download process and complete video management after download. The spotlight features are capabilities of multiple download and download resumed after break. Though it is originally designed for YouTube video download, it is compatible with most other video sites as well.

Leawo Free iPhone/iPod Converter is a handy tool that can convert online FLV videos to iPhone/iPod MP4 format. It is not a complicate application to use. Even novice can find a way to get the conversion done within just a few clicks. It provides accurate profiles for high quality video output for iPhone/iPod, ensures good sync of video and audio and smooth playback.

After download and conversion, you can open iTunes to sync the compatible video to your iPhone/iPod for enjoyment. To enable enjoyment on other portable media players, Leawo has more free converters for you. Visit Leawo's Home Page for more information.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leawo offers 25% price cut for Thanksgiving

What a good time of a year when Halloween is just days behind and Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the road nearby! If you felt disappointed with Leawo's missing discount event for Halloween, now you should be happy the discount for Thanksgiving comes just in time.

Leawo's has officially launched a 25% discount event (20% cut for Leawo Video Converter and 25% cut for 6 other single converter solutions) on its website yesterday. The special offer will last until the end of this month. It is only a price plunge without any explicit or implicit bondage, unlike some other video converter providers who would bind additional plugins as a condition of price cut.

In the latest upgrade announcement two weeks ago, we see Leawo Video Converter has made great strides in functionality and performance, with FLV support and Watermark edit available. This special offer now is a real boon to users who can enjoy fresh and powerful features at a much affordable cost.

This discount event covers a half month's time and expires on November 31. The video converter maker offers free solutions as well as trial experience of its products. For more information, check on Leawo's official page.

Monday, November 16, 2009

How to play flash video on iPhone?

Apple and Adobe have long been involved in an issue of whether and how to implement flash playback functionality on the popular handset. Adobe is willingly to offer flash player application to run on iPhone. But the Flash component is different from Flash Lite, the mobile solution for Flash playback provided by the multimedia company on other smart phones such as Nokia and Windows Mobile. Apple's CEO Steve Jobs in a recent comment said the Flash player is either weak on functionality of mobile build for phones or heavy on resource consumption of standard build for desktop. Therefore, the implement of Flash playback with iPhone will be overdue with no deadlines.

Though this is a pity to iPhone's bold declaration to bring the whole desktop experience to the handset, geeks have by efforts found adaptable solutions to get Flash to play on iPhone. For instance, iPhone users may use a third-party application named iMobileCinema. This powerful plug-in for iPhone's web browser safari claims unparalleled capability to enable FLV video playback on web sites like YouTube. Because the application is not approved by Apple, users have to jailbreak their iPhone prior to install it.

If you don't want the risk to jailbreak your iPhone, you can transcode the FLV videos to iPhone MP4 format. You can use Leawo Free iPhone Converter to attend to the job. This freeware is able to convert FLV to iPhone MP4 videos within just a few clicks. Here is a brief introduction of the FLV to MP4 conversion course in Leawo Free iPhone Converter.

leawo free iphone converter
Step 1, run Leawo Free iPhone Converter, drag the FLV videos in the program and drop.
Step 2, select the desired output profile for different resolutions.
Step 3, click the Process button to give it a go.
The converted MP4 videos are located in Leawo's output folder, 100% smooth playback on iPhone. In this way you will need a desktop or notebook computer to assist you. But it turns out no potential risk to your iPhone. Regarding jailbreak, to do or not to do, it is upon your decision.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leawo Video Converter 2.1 embraces FLV to video conversion

Over so many previous versions, Leawo Video Converter remained separate from the FLV to video conversion, which has long been upseting Leawo's fans. Now the new release announced lately brought good news! After upgrade to ver 2.1, Leawo Video Converter is no longer a FLVless video converter. It could convert video to FLV before, and now it can even convert FLV to videos! Does this upgrade bestow FLV capability on Leawo's freewares? Yes~! Leawo has also extended this conversion capability to all of its products, no matter they are free or not. So come and download the latest version of Leawo converter to replace the old one you already have. Download FLV videos from Youtube, Podcast, MSN TV, and convert these FLV to AVI, MP4, 3GP, any formats you can play on your iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, mobile phones and portable media players! May you be happy with Leawo's products.

Go and check the latest stable version of Leawo products here!
Want more tips on how to convert between video formats? You should have answers from here!
To catch up with Leawo's news and events? Come and visit its blog!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Leawo DVD converter family has jumped on ver 2.0

Leawo Free DVD converter family, consisting of Leawo Free DVD to 3GP Converter, Leawo Free DVD to Apple TV Converter, Leawo Free DVD to AVI Converter, Leawo Free DVD to FLV Converter, Leawo Free DVD to iPhone Converter, Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter, Leawo Free DVD to MP4 Converter, Leawo Free DVD to PSP Converter and Leawo Free DVD to Zune Converter, has now made a leap forward to version, debuting new features and high performance:

1. Users can customize both image and text watermarks. This feature is added to the customize panel, along with Effect, Trim and Crop. The feature accepts all kinds of image documents as watermark source, such as BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, ICO and TIFF. User may create text of any length, any color, any size and any font type to become watermark as well.

2. The DVD to video conversion speed is greatly improved. The processing of video data is optimized to enable a faster conversion rate.

3. The DVD to video conversion process is much more stable. This upgrade has applied measures to avoid resource conflicts; therefore may least disturb the users doing other tasks at the same time.

4. Video and Audio are in good synchronization. The upgrade fixes the out of sync problem found in the last version, which may unexpectedly cause audio lost.

5. Fixed the problem of process bar freeze on conversion. It was a typical interface malfunction fixed which does not affect the processing.

6. Fixed the problem of conversion failure for some video profiles. Unexpected conversion failure is reported in the previous version. Measures have been given to settle this problem.

These new offerings are still under free distributing terms. Make no hesistation to upgrade now! ^_^