Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to convert AVI to 3GP with Leawo 3GP converter?

The AVI format is a very popular among video formats, meanwhile, 3GP mobile phone becomes more and more popular as well. With 3GP mobille phones you can enjoy your 3gp video stream with your mobile phone, play them anytime and anywhere that you want.

In order to play the AVI videos on your 3GP mobile, the first thing is to transfer the videos onto your cell phone, no matter it is Motorola or Nokia or some others. Generally, cell phones support to play MP4, 3GP, 3G2 video and MP3 audio, so you can convert the video to the videos that your cell phone accepts.

If your cell phone is not a 3G mobile, Leawo Video Converter may be your best choice; if your cell phone supports 3G, then you can use the free software Leawo Free 3GP Converter to convert your AVI videos into 3G or 3G2. Well, let's see how the converter works right now.

1. Click "Add"to import my video in, or simply drag it in.

2. Choose 3gp style in "Style", and then set the destination folder in "Output" what you need.

3. Click "Convert" on the lower right corner to start the conversion.

Okay,so easy, we make it. A fantastic conversion, right?

Key Features about Leawo Free 3GP converter

Convert video to 3GP formats
Output video formats: 3GP Video(*.3gp), 3GPP2 Video(*.3g2), etc.
Output audio formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, etc.

Powerful functions and useful settings
Merge into a file. This program helps to merge the list of files all in a file for a continuous playback, which saves space for your device.
Time saving batch conversion. The program converts the files in the list in a time, which saves your time and energy.
Get more freeware info. This function allows you to get detail information about the freeware you need from the website.

User-friendly and easy-to-use interface
Nice interface and clear instructions. The interface is nice and pleasant which will make the whole conversion easy and fun! The instructions are clear enough to guide you through the conversion, avoiding constant consultation to the help document.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The best AVI video to 3GP converter, Leawo Free 3GP converter

Leawo Free 3GP Converter is a clean and totally excellent 3GP Converter. Enjoy the easy-to-use converter which can convert videos to 3GP, 3G2 formats for playback on mobiles like Nokia N810, Sony Ericsson W800i, LG Shine KU970, etc.

With the user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, you can easily convert videos to 3GP and get a better enjoyment. Besides, this Free 3GP Converter supports batch process and convert multiple videos at a time, thus the fast conversion speed and excellent output quality can exactly meet your needs.

Wanna get more info?

What is 3GP and 3G2?
3G stands for third generation, a generic wireless industry term for high-speed mobile data delivery over mobileular networks. 3GP is a multimedia container format defined by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) for use on 3G mobile phones but can also be played on some 2G and 4G phones.

Why need convert AVI to 3GP?
There is no doubt that more and more people have 3G mobile phone! With AVI to 3GP, now you can enjoy your 3gp video stream with your mobile phone, play them anytime and anywhere that you want.

3GP is a simplified version of the MPEG-4 Part 14 (MP4) container format, designed to decrease storage and bandwidth requirements so as to accommodate mobile phones. 3GP is a multimedia container format defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) used to view, record video at 3G mobile phones etc., it can also be played on some 2G and 4G phones. The ".3gp" is the file extension of multimedia files for wireless networks.

AVI is the most common format for audio/video data on the PC. Do you know what AVI is? AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave. It is a special case of the RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format). AVI is defined by Microsoft Crop. An AVI file may carry audio/visual data inside the chunks in virtually any compression scheme, including Full Frame (Uncompressed), Motion JPEG, ClearVideo / RealVideo, MPEG-4 Video and more.

There are lots of (.avi) Video files on the internet or your computer, if you want to view it on your 3G mobile phones, you should firstly convert this AVI video to 3GP video format. As far as I am concerned, this Leawo Free 3GP converter can do it perfectly for you, at the best, this small tool is totally FREE for everyone.

Next time I will tell you how to convert AVI to 3GP with this Free Leawo 3GP converter. Pay attention, please!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The best way to convert AVI to MP4 with Leawo MP4 converter

How do you make use of MP4 player?

With the appearance of digtal product MP4, we feel that it not only brings us free, joyful, individuality and fashion but also provides us the idea of enjoying fashion life. So many people come to know that MP4 player has the splendid audio frequency broadcast ability as well as the high definition video frequency broadcast ability. Besides, the extremely good portability enables you momentarily to be possible to enjoy the video and music pleasant sensation which comes from the MP4 player.

As time goes on, MP4 Video gets more and more popularity and publicity, especially as new MP4 players appear. Apple iPod, iPhone, iAudio, Microsoft Zune, and many other portable devices (even mobile phones) support MP4 Video. With these portable players, you can take your favorite movies virtually everywhere you want.

Imagine that you don't have enough time to watch the movies you like at home.Imagine that you waste a plenty of time waiting for bus, airplane, subway, your friend... Doesn't this sound a bit familiar?

Luckily, with a portable MP4 Video player you can solve the problem of wasting and not having time. However, to play a movie with a portable MP4 player, you should prepare it first. Compress it with a proper codec, in proper resolution etc., so that it looks wonderful and takes as little place as it could be.There are lots of MP4 converters around us. Which one is better? We will consider this special type of converting with help of Leawo Free MP4 Converter, a powerful software devoted to MP4 Video, the most point is, it's free!

Step 1. Download and install Leawo Free MP4 Converterfirst.

Enter the known location Leawo Free MP4 Converter. After finishing download, launch setup and follow instructions on screen. Very easy!

Step 2. Click "Add"to import the AVI video files in, or simply drag it in. Have a preview by double clicking the file name. Choose your MP4 style in "Style" specifically for your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, Zune, etc. and then set the destination folder in "Output" what you need.

Step 3. Click "Convert" on the lower right corner to start the conversion. Okay, make it!

Frankly, the PRO version Leawo MP4 converter has many powerful functions, including trimming video, cropping video and setting video or audio effects, ect. Wanna get more info? Please click here!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Five Aspects of Upgrading the Leawo DVD Converters to Version 1.5

Press Contact
Leawo Software Co., Ltd.

HD-RMVB becomes available in the upgraded Leawo DVD Converters V1.5!

Shenzhen, P.R. China – April 21, 2009: Leawo Software Co., Ltd, the developer of DVD Converter solutions, today announces the upgraded Version1.5 of Leawo DVD Converters. This newly upgraded V1.5 has added powerful functions and fixed some bugs,including optimizing the capability of Disc Reading, adding RMVB output format, matching ratio precisely and presenting correct subtitles. The specific contents of the upgraded Version1.5 are as follows:

Enhanced the capability of Disc Reading and improved the fluency of video playing.
Maybe users have encountered problems that some discs can not be read and some video files like IFO can not be run fluently. Leawo DVD Converters V1.5 should be a good helper to solve this problem, almost all kinds of Discs can be read as long as users use V1.5. Actually, there are series of extension files named IFO in DVD Disc which plays an important part in controlling and playing DVD files. Admittedly, with the help of V1.5, the IFO file can well dominate the DVD regional code and the video sequence without any obstacles.

Added a new output format of RMVB that enables users to convert DVD to RMVB.
RMVB is a kind of new encoder technology which can encode automatically by using low bit rate, and greatly reduce the volume of generated documents. Now V1.5 has added a new output format of RMVB,it not only provides more choice for users but also changes the impression of high compression but low quality which caused by RM format. When converting DVD to RMVB, this newly upgraded product must give users a fresh and deep impression: generating smaller video files but owning more outstanding picture quality.

Optimized the “profile” interface and added new output formats.
When previewing or setting the “profile”, users are able to find that the output formats have more clear-cut classification and there are some new formats, like HD Video, etc. With more clear-cut classification, users are able to look at a glance and then set the option conveniently. Undoubtedly, these new output formats provide users more choice to meet their requirements.

Besides, Version1.5 definitely avoids showing incorrect subtitles after converting. Meanwhile, when playing video, users will not worry about the ratio matching problem any more with the help of V1.5.

With bugs fixed and more powerful functions added, the performances of this newly upgraded Leawo DVD Converters V1.5 should be much better at converting videos and audios among all formats.

Product Page:
Company Website:

Postal Adress: 1202 Shanghai Automobile Building, No.48, Qilin Road, Nanshan Dist., Shenzhen, 518052 P.R. China
Phone: +86-755-26738834
Fax: +86-755-26738790

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Leawo Free Mac Video Converter V1.1 becomes much more Stability with the Newly and Optimized functions!

Press Contact
Leawo Software Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen, P.R. China – April 14, 2009: Leawo Software Co., Ltd, the developer of Mac Video Converter solutions, today releases the upgraded Version1.1.0.0 of Leawo Free Mac Video Converter. This newly upgraded V1.1.0.0 has enhanced the stability of program, including adding hard disk space examination, showing hard disk space and closing automatically after conversion, and changing the displayed time by two methods.

This newly upgraded V1.1.0.0 has added the function of hard disk space examination, which makes users precisely know the size of the hard disk space in advance. When finishing the video conversion, all users are in the hope of getting information from the hard disk space, for the size of hard disk space can be a good guider to help them make up their mind whether to convert other videos or not. V1.1.0.0 can meet their needs, because hard disk space will show after video conversion.

This newly upgraded Version1.1.0.0 comes into being, which can do users a good favor to save time and energy. It assists the CPU in saving much space. Now users are happily find that the converter will shut down automatically after finishing the video conversion.

As we all know, the size of CPU’s space exerts great influence on the Internet speed. Generally speaking, file conversion, no matter the size, can take up the space of CPU, especially when converting one file many times. Now with the help of V1.1.0.0, users are able to find that duplication of a file conversion won’t result in occupying the CPU-memory. Admittedly, the procedure stability is enhanced, and moreover, users are able to enjoy the conversion freely without slowing down the Internet speed.

Besides, this newly upgraded V1.1.0.0 has optimized time demonstration. Now it has 2 kinds of time demonstration methods: one has millisecond demonstration, the other without millisecond demonstrates.

Leawo Free Mac Video Converter is a totally clean and free Mac video converter that can convert videos in all formats for the Mac OS users. With the stability of program enhanced, the performances of this newly upgraded Leawo Free Mac Video Converters V1.1.0.0 should be much better at converting videos and audios among all formats on Mac OS!

Product Page:
Direct download link:
Mac Intel:
Mac PowerPC:
Company Website:

Postal Adress: 1202 Shanghai Automobile Building, No.48, Qilin Road, Nanshan Dist., Shenzhen, 518052 P.R. China
Phone: +86-755-26738834
Fax: +86-755-26738790

Monday, April 13, 2009

Leawo Free AVI Converter is worth owning

Last weekend, I recorded a video with the format of MP4. Personally, I like it very much, so I make up my mind to make it a film, though the video only half an hour long. However, what I should face is that the format conversion is a must, convert MP4 format to AVI format. Only in this way can I successfully make the film. Luckily, I am familiar with the Leawo Freeware, therefore, I choose the product, Leawo Free AVI Converter.

I save my video file in my laptop and download the Leawo Free AVI Converter. Here are the steps to convert MP4 to AVI:

1. Click "Add"to import my video in, or simply drag it in.

2. Choose AVI style in "Style", and then set the destination folder in "Output" what I need.

3. Click "Convert" on the right bottom corner to start the conversion.

Okay,so easy, I make it. A fantastic conversion, right?

In previous blog, I mentioned some knowledge about Leawo Free AVI Converter. Leawo Free AVI Converter can fast convert video to AVI from MOV, 3GP, MPEG, WMV, MP4 to AVI, etc.

Leawo Free AVI Converter not merely helps to convert videos in other formats to AVI, but offers quite a wide range of video editing functions! Firstly, the powerful video merging function lets you merge a batch of video files into a video file, avoiding the troublesome clicking of the file name to play and saving size at the same time. It also allows users to set the output video profile, high quality, medium quality, etc. for different using situations.

With fast conversion speed and excellent output quality, this easy-to-use product can benefit you greatly. The most important is, it is a FREE software.

Do I make myself clear? If necessary, please have a try this produce, Leawo Free AVI Converter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Leawo Free AVI Converter, a handy video converter

Have you ever used Leawo Free AVI Converter? This is a handy video converter which can convert various video files to AVI format with great ease.

Leawo Free AVI Converteris a FREE program to convert videos to AVI file in any format to meet your different uses. It is a nice, simple and quick tool that can process AVIs of any type: DivX AVI, Xvid AVI, etc.

Leawo Free AVI Converter is a FREE AVI converter to convert video files to AVI format for your need. It converts MP4 to AVI, WMV to AVI for your lovely toys: iPod, iPhone, 3G mobiles, Zune, etc., to extend the joy on your fingertop. It converts DVD video to AVI for you to play the AVI video on your TV with a remote but a computer. It also helps to convert MPG to AVI, which converted to MPEG1, MPEG2, and MP3 for your music players!

Here are some key features of Leawo Free AVI Converter:

Easy-to-use AVI converter:
Only a few clicks can complete the video conversion without any other professional knowledge.

Convert video to AVI video or audio format:
The AVI Converter can convert video to AVI video and audio formats, such as AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, MPEG, VOB, MPG, FLV, DV, MP3, AAC, M4A, WMA, WAV, AC3, etc.

Fast conversion speed with excellent output quality:
It provides fast conversion speed, you don’t have wait for so long a time even for a huge file, and moreover, excellent quality gives you a vision feast.

One click to show output folder:
It is convenient to open the output folder once the conversion finishes, as you do not have to click repeatedly and search for the output files.

Support batch conversion to convert files at one time:You may set the max number of files for simultaneous conversion, so that multiple files can be converted at one time. You can also quickly get the output files you want by setting the conversion priority.

Merge multiple files into one:
The program helps you to combine all the files in list together for the continuous playback and good file arrangement.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A good helper-- Leawo Free iPhone Converter

What kind of converter do you need when you have an iPhone? The software for fee or for free? I think Free iPhone Converter is a must, especially the one with user-friendly and easy-to-use interface as well as fast conversion speed and excellent output quality. I want to recommend the Leawo Free iPhone Converter to you.

Now I can not help but refer to an interesting story. My close friend Tony is a college teacher in our city. Yesterday, I went to his house to celebrate his birthday. After the birthday party, Tony made me stay with him in his study. During that time, we sincerely talked to each other, including family, career, and entertainment, etc. After a short while, he showed an iPhone to me. So beautiful! He smiled and told me that this iPhone was a gift from one of his students. He wanted to convert video to iPhone MP4, however, what frustrated him was that he could not find a good but free software. Haha…, as for me, it was a piece of cake. We searched for the website and downloaded this product. With my help, we smoothly converted the video, Tony wanted to watch, only few minutes. It seemed that Tony was very excited after the video conversion. With some compliments to Leawo Free iPhone Converter, Tony had a good enjoyment to watch the video…

I’m so happy because I do an valuable favor to my good friend Tony. Now he always mentions the Leawo Free iPhone Converter when we talk to each other, meanwhile, he often coulden’t help saying these words: click the button “Add” firstly to load the video, and then set the “Style” you need, and next…We laugh and laugh when we refer to this free software, for both of us get much benefit from Leawo Free iPhone Converter.

To be honest, this product-- Leawo Free iPhone Converter is an easy-to-use software which can convert videos to iPhone video formats for playback videos on iPhone. Okay, let me tell you the main features about this free software:
Convert MP4, MPG, WMV, RM, MP3, AVI, MP3, CD to iPhone.
Merge or join multiple videos into a large one file.
Support batch process and convert multiple videos at a time.
User-friendly and easy-to-use interface.
Fast conversion speed and excellent output quality.

Leawo Free iPhone Converter is definitely a good helper, especially when you have an iPhone. Why not try it?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

About Leawo Free DVD Converters

Hi, my dear friends, welcome to visit my Blog again. I wrote some blogs in relation to Leawo Free Video Converters, especially the Leawo Free MP4 Converter some days ago. Now today I want to write something about Leawo Free DVD Converters. Follow me, please!

A brief introduction:
Leawo Free DVD Converters are powerful and easy-to-use software that lets you convert your DVD movies to high quality AVI, Zune, iPhone, iPod, PSP, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, and FLV and so on. Not only these DVD converters can be used to convert DVD to video or audio, but also can be used to better video quality, crop video, trim video or join multiple videos together for conversion.

Why choose Leawo Free DVD Converters?
--Fast DVD conversion, keeping same quality and taking up less room on hard drive.
--Ability to select DVD clips for the ripping, instead of converting an entire movie into one huge file.
--User-friendly and easy-to-use interface without complicated program knowledge.

Okay, maybe you have this question: Is there any defect with Leawo Free DVD Converters? I think you are clever, for you expect this product to meet your needs as intergal as possible. In fact, there are some defects with Leawo Free DVD Converters. However, these defects can not affect our usage because of its good features. Besides, the newly upgraded version of Leawo Free DVD Converters V1.5 has come into being, with bugs fixed and more powerful functions added, the performances of the newly upgraded Leawo DVD Converters V1.5 should be much better at converting videos and audios among all formats and bring you a new feeling.

I exactly want to go on with my topic, however, I’m so sorry to tell you that my time is up and I should finish it now. Don’t worry, my dear friends. If you want to know about the specific contents of the newly upgraded Leawo Free DVD Converters V1.5, please, please visit.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A special way to enjoy video on TV set

Still use DVD to watch video on TV? Why not try to use Apple TV Player? In my opinion, with the development of science and technology, DVD Players have been unable to meet public needs, especially some computer media formats, such as RMVB, AVI, MPEG, etc., have already emerged. Fortunately, Apple TV Player can do us a great favor, for it supports MP4 format. Haha…, come on, please!

Now I can not help but refer to a good helper named Leawo Free MP4 Converter. With its help, we can successfully convert video to MP4 format and then enjoy the video on TV set without converting to DVD.

Maybe some friends do not know how to use this Leawo Free MP4 Converter to convert video to MP4 format in order to enjoy video happily. Never mind, allow me to tell you some easy steps:

To begin with, click the button “Add” and load the video you want to convert. So easy! Next, select the Style “Apple TV Movie (*.mp4)” and set the destination folder in output what you need. And then, Click "Convert" on the right bottom corner to start the conversion. So fast! Yeah, we make it.

After converting the video to MP4 format, the next step is to join the Apple TV Player to TV in order to enjoy the video. In fact, the Apple TV Player owns all features you need to connect to you TV, including RCA socket component and HDMI interface to provide video output function. It is a fully-fledged host computer with Intel CPU, 40GB hard drive, Ethernet interface, etc., the basic characteristics of PC.

Firstly, please confirm that your conversion is finished.

And next, you can insert the data line into the HDMI interface,and join your Apple TV Player with TV.The Apple TV is equipped with a high-definition audio and video link, which can directly support 1080i/720p/576p (PAL) / 480p output.

Then, turn on the TV and select you vedio to play. Okay, now you can easily watch on Videos be displayed on the TV Set with perfect ratio of 16:9.

So fantastic!

With the help of Leawo Free MP4 Converter, we are able to watch video on TV set instead of using DVD. You will take a like to this product if you use it to convert video to MP4 format with your portable media player, Apple TV. Remember, it is totally free to download and use.

The best gift for Obama, Prime Minister, and Queen of England!

---- Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter

Scene 1: From The Daily Mail news on Match 8, 2009, Brown, the Prime Minister of England send a penholder to Obama. To show the special relationship between England and America, this penholder is made by the wood from “Tange”, an England galley in 19th century. In return, Obama sent a DVD which contains 25 discs of classic movies of America to the Prime Minister of England. But what the joke is that the DVD can not be played in England, as the measure of DVD standard preventing pirate taken by the DVD companies.

Scene 2: Obama sent an iPod, the mark of current culture in America, to the Queen of England for his visit to England on the second this month. Obama filled all the videos and photos that the Queen visit America in 2007 in the iPod. As we know, the Queen is a fan of iPod, so she was very satisfied and claimed that she owns a music company in the end, although she has been bought a silver iPod mini.

From the above 2 pieces of news, we should find some features of Obama, Prime Minister and Queen of England. It seems that Obama like specially sending the high-tech products to the foreign guests, but he must be awkard for the DVD event. To Brown, he should be very regretting that he can not enjoy the special gift of classic America movie from the great America leader in England until now. As to the Queen, she is satisfied about the gift until the very moment. But I still guess that if she would be embarrassed when she desires to enjoy the DVDs sent by Obama from her Prime Minister on her iPod, haha…

Then in fact, I can give them 3, Obama, Brown, and Queen a solution, so that Obama would not be awkard; Brown will not be regretted, and the Queen will never embarrassed. So that is to say the best gift for them is Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter.

What can the Best Gift of Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter do? This is a totally free program that can convert DVD to iPod compatible MP4 video file. So with it, Obama should have converted the America classic movie to MP4 video file first, then converted movies can be played on iPod easily. But the past has been pasted. For a remediation measure, Obama can send a license of Leawo free DVD to iPod converter to the Prime Minister and Queen.

For the Prime Minister, he can use Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter to convert the America classic movie DVD to iPod MP4. After conversion, there are 2 ways available for him to enjoy these classic movies.
1. He can borrow the iPod from the Queen to enjoy these movies;
2. If he own either of iPhone or Apple TV, he also can choose to enjoy the movies on his Apple TV and iPhone.
3. He can enjoy the converted file on his mini book.

For the Queen, the choices for enjoying the gift of iPod from Bbama would be much wider:
1. She can simultaneously enjoy the gift of DVD movies from Obama to Brown;
2. She would never be worried about any movies either from America or England on her iPhone;
3. She also can mix the movies with both from America and England together to enjoy.

Then in all, with Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter, I can sure that every one of Obama, Brown and the Queen of England would be happy and satisfied: Obama would not be awkard; Brown will not be regretted, and the Queen will never be embarrassed.

Right? Do you think Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter is the best gift for them 3? Please let me know and leave your suggestion! Haha…

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Several attached functions on Leawo Free MP4 Converter

Do you remember the Leawo Free MP4 Converter I mentioned before? Yes, that’s the one I used to convert the movie Knowing for my iPhone. Referring to Leawo Free MP4 Converter, I just mainly tell you its main functions of easily converting video to MP4 formats for portable media players and converting video and audio among all popular formats in my previous doc. Actually, This program also has many other attached functions that can benefit you greatly.

Wanna know? Follow me, please!

Firstly, it can convert video to audio files. If users want to separate a song from the video file, like MTV, maybe they hope to play it through MP3 format instead of Mp4 format. Faced with this situation, users are able to extract music files from popular video formats like converting MP4 to MP3, and converting MPEG, AVI movie file to M4A, AAC, MP3 with the help of Leawo Free MP4 Converter, and then enjoy the song.

Secondly, it can preview video files and act as a video player. Please do not neglect this function, because it can make great contribution for users to find their own documents with a lot of video contents. To save time and energy, previewing video before conversion can also help users ensure that the video to be converted is just what they want. Besides, this function can also act as a player which brings users convenience.

Next, it can merge multiple videos into one file. Sometimes users are in the hope of watching an integral video instead of watching one after another. With the help of Leawo Free MP4 Converter, users can merge or join multiple videos into a large one file, the only thing they should do is to select the button “Merge into one file”. Then they can enjoy an integral and a time extended video smoothly.

Last but not least, it can support batch process. After loading all the flies they want to convert, users dislike setting the style again and again when converting the video. How to deal with it? Leawo Free MP4 Converter can solve the problem. If users select one video file among many video files and set a style, such as iPhone Movie (*.mp4), and then click “Apply to all”, the rest will be all suitable for this style. It is convenient and really make this product easy to use.

Okay, from the above I mentioned, now you should have got to know the Leawo Free MP4 Converter well. If you desire, just download Leawo Free MP4 Converter now! It’s totally free to download and use!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Watching the movie "Knowing" just for fun

Why not go and watch the movie Knowing? In previous Blog, I mentioned that with the help of Leawo Free MP4 Converter, I watched the movie and got a deep impression from the movie as well as Leawo Free MP4 Converter. Now I want to talk about my feelings after watching the movie Knowing.

Frankly, Knowing is one of the best movies I have seen since 2008. As a matter of fact, I typically do not like science fiction movies, but this movie grabs you from the beginning and does not let you go. If you watch it earnestly and thoughtfully you may not think Knowing is only a movie that predicts future events, but brings you some thinking. The story is original and keeps you guessing in a smart and fresh way that few movies have brought to the big screen in quite some time. Admittedly, this movie gives you so many interesting and shocking plots. It goes without saying that Knowing is a great movie that is a must: when it's all over you will take a deep breath and literally thank yourself for going to see it.

The irregular figures make me a deep impression. What attracts me mostly is the irregular figures can precisely predict the date of each major disaster as well as the number of deaths and other matching figures occurred all over the world in the past 50 years. In this movie, Cage, a famous actor, acted as Ted Myles, an M.I.T. astrophysicist whose son named Caleb came home with a slip of paper he took from a newly opened time capsule. It was covered with numbers. And dad, was drinking to forget his dead wife, started to see patterns in the numbers "09112996." To his surprise, that's 9/11 and the death toll from the Sept. 11 attacks, written on a piece of paper by a haunted little girl whose work ended up and buried beneath in a school 50 years ago. "I know how this sounds." Ted broke the code, saw other disasters in sync with other numbers. And then he found that the dates of disasters that haven't happened yet. He was determined to seek for the little girl who wrote the note. However, she died, still flinging prophecies around, so Ted asked for help from her daughter, Diana……

In my eyes, these plots are exactly interesting. I feel that there are series of suspense waiting for me, are these numbers coincidence, mysterious prophecy or conspiracy? Out of curiosity, I couldn’t help watching it from beginning to end.

I really enjoy this movie, the special effects are fantastic, and this is a type of film thrill, disaster, suspense and mystical lovers. Thanks to Leawo Free MP4 Converter, with user-friendly and easy-to-use interface as well as fast conversion speed and excellent output quality, I can enjoy this movie after the easiest conversion with Leawo Free MP4 Converter. So easy, so cool!