Sunday, December 6, 2009

Leawo big discount sports the most desired buy around the Christmas holiday

For the upcoming Christmas holiday, Leawo Software triggers the third round of discount in the fourth quarter of this year, outdoing the other two with greater price-cut on all of its products. The Christmas discount offer lasts till 0:00 a.m. on January 1st. Those who are feeling good with Leawo's free products should not miss this opportunity to acquaint more exciting experiences in its professional solutions.

Why is it the most desired buy around the Christmas holiday? Firstly, Leawo has always been the helpful video format solution provider who presents valued products to all kinds of customers. Leawo's video converters share the ability to convert video to more than 100 different outputs connected to many devices, with good quality and fast speed. Secondly, Leawo is known to tag its products with a much favorable price, bringing professional solutions down to everyone affordable level. The Christmas discount has the price plunged even deeper, with as much as 40% rebate. One could not simply miss an opportunity like this.

For those who have used Leawo's free video converters, they can experience more with Pro converters. In Pro editions, users can edit codec parameters, customize video with more and advanced options and have more output profiles specific to various devices like Wii, NDS and Zune.

For more information on Leawo's Christmas discount, please visit Leawo's website.

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