Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leawo offers 25% price cut for Thanksgiving

What a good time of a year when Halloween is just days behind and Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the road nearby! If you felt disappointed with Leawo's missing discount event for Halloween, now you should be happy the discount for Thanksgiving comes just in time.

Leawo's has officially launched a 25% discount event (20% cut for Leawo Video Converter and 25% cut for 6 other single converter solutions) on its website yesterday. The special offer will last until the end of this month. It is only a price plunge without any explicit or implicit bondage, unlike some other video converter providers who would bind additional plugins as a condition of price cut.

In the latest upgrade announcement two weeks ago, we see Leawo Video Converter has made great strides in functionality and performance, with FLV support and Watermark edit available. This special offer now is a real boon to users who can enjoy fresh and powerful features at a much affordable cost.

This discount event covers a half month's time and expires on November 31. The video converter maker offers free solutions as well as trial experience of its products. For more information, check on Leawo's official page.

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