Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mourning Michael Jackson’s DVD with Leawo DVD to iPhone Converter

Michael Jackson, an outstanding guy who has music talent, has passed away, left so many memories for us. Frankly, I do like his music, especially the "BAD" albums. You know, his death has caused so many memorial activities around the world, of course, so many kinds of activities.

Michael Jackson is my hero, undoubtedly. I borrowed a DVD of his music concert from my companions, because I'd like to watch him and listen to his voice once again. Okay, now I want to share my DVD enjoyment with the help of Leawo DVD to iPhone Converter with you.

Actually, it's so easy like 1-2-3 to finish the conversion. Of course, you should also have an iTunes to help you finish your transfer. You can click "how to put DVD to iPhone" to get more info, if necessary.

Well, the king of pop has been away from any of us. No matter what you like him or not, please respect him, after all, he is a genius who affects the music world a lot.

Let's pray for Michael Jackson, God can also bless him forever!

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