Friday, June 26, 2009

Let’s take Michael Jackson to Heaven

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, in Los Angeles, only 50 years old! He really died, left so much memory for any of us, especially for his fans like me. Undoubtedly, his death is the loss of the music field, because Michael Jackson is the best of the world!

Why not gather together to mourn him? To buy Michael Jackson's genuine DVD disk or to listen to his music, or should we make some fans gather together to hold a fans club in memory of our hero? Now I appeal all the fans like me, gather together to put Michael into our iPod or into our iPhone, pray for his travel to heaven, and take Michael Jackson to heaven. Come on man, without any hesitation! Come on!

Okay, now we can find one of Michael Jackson's famous video or MTV, and transfer it to our iPhones, then play it on iPhone. Or else, we can play one of Michael Jackson's popular songs, like “dangerous”, you know, my favorite songs, also the exactly hot song around the world, then transfer it to our iPods and play the music. Now, we can watch his videos with iPhone or listen to his songs with iPod to show our mourn, carry him with your own and take him to heaven, and then pray for our hero Michael Jackson forever.

Welcome to leave your comments on this activity.

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