Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Five Aspects of Upgrading the Leawo DVD Converters to Version 1.5

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HD-RMVB becomes available in the upgraded Leawo DVD Converters V1.5!

Shenzhen, P.R. China – April 21, 2009: Leawo Software Co., Ltd, the developer of DVD Converter solutions, today announces the upgraded Version1.5 of Leawo DVD Converters. This newly upgraded V1.5 has added powerful functions and fixed some bugs,including optimizing the capability of Disc Reading, adding RMVB output format, matching ratio precisely and presenting correct subtitles. The specific contents of the upgraded Version1.5 are as follows:

Enhanced the capability of Disc Reading and improved the fluency of video playing.
Maybe users have encountered problems that some discs can not be read and some video files like IFO can not be run fluently. Leawo DVD Converters V1.5 should be a good helper to solve this problem, almost all kinds of Discs can be read as long as users use V1.5. Actually, there are series of extension files named IFO in DVD Disc which plays an important part in controlling and playing DVD files. Admittedly, with the help of V1.5, the IFO file can well dominate the DVD regional code and the video sequence without any obstacles.

Added a new output format of RMVB that enables users to convert DVD to RMVB.
RMVB is a kind of new encoder technology which can encode automatically by using low bit rate, and greatly reduce the volume of generated documents. Now V1.5 has added a new output format of RMVB,it not only provides more choice for users but also changes the impression of high compression but low quality which caused by RM format. When converting DVD to RMVB, this newly upgraded product must give users a fresh and deep impression: generating smaller video files but owning more outstanding picture quality.

Optimized the “profile” interface and added new output formats.
When previewing or setting the “profile”, users are able to find that the output formats have more clear-cut classification and there are some new formats, like HD Video, etc. With more clear-cut classification, users are able to look at a glance and then set the option conveniently. Undoubtedly, these new output formats provide users more choice to meet their requirements.

Besides, Version1.5 definitely avoids showing incorrect subtitles after converting. Meanwhile, when playing video, users will not worry about the ratio matching problem any more with the help of V1.5.

With bugs fixed and more powerful functions added, the performances of this newly upgraded Leawo DVD Converters V1.5 should be much better at converting videos and audios among all formats.

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