Tuesday, April 7, 2009

About Leawo Free DVD Converters

Hi, my dear friends, welcome to visit my Blog again. I wrote some blogs in relation to Leawo Free Video Converters, especially the Leawo Free MP4 Converter some days ago. Now today I want to write something about Leawo Free DVD Converters. Follow me, please!

A brief introduction:
Leawo Free DVD Converters are powerful and easy-to-use software that lets you convert your DVD movies to high quality AVI, Zune, iPhone, iPod, PSP, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, and FLV and so on. Not only these DVD converters can be used to convert DVD to video or audio, but also can be used to better video quality, crop video, trim video or join multiple videos together for conversion.

Why choose Leawo Free DVD Converters?
--Fast DVD conversion, keeping same quality and taking up less room on hard drive.
--Ability to select DVD clips for the ripping, instead of converting an entire movie into one huge file.
--User-friendly and easy-to-use interface without complicated program knowledge.

Okay, maybe you have this question: Is there any defect with Leawo Free DVD Converters? I think you are clever, for you expect this product to meet your needs as intergal as possible. In fact, there are some defects with Leawo Free DVD Converters. However, these defects can not affect our usage because of its good features. Besides, the newly upgraded version of Leawo Free DVD Converters V1.5 has come into being, with bugs fixed and more powerful functions added, the performances of the newly upgraded Leawo DVD Converters V1.5 should be much better at converting videos and audios among all formats and bring you a new feeling.

I exactly want to go on with my topic, however, I’m so sorry to tell you that my time is up and I should finish it now. Don’t worry, my dear friends. If you want to know about the specific contents of the newly upgraded Leawo Free DVD Converters V1.5, please, please visit.

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