Friday, April 3, 2009

The best gift for Obama, Prime Minister, and Queen of England!

---- Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter

Scene 1: From The Daily Mail news on Match 8, 2009, Brown, the Prime Minister of England send a penholder to Obama. To show the special relationship between England and America, this penholder is made by the wood from “Tange”, an England galley in 19th century. In return, Obama sent a DVD which contains 25 discs of classic movies of America to the Prime Minister of England. But what the joke is that the DVD can not be played in England, as the measure of DVD standard preventing pirate taken by the DVD companies.

Scene 2: Obama sent an iPod, the mark of current culture in America, to the Queen of England for his visit to England on the second this month. Obama filled all the videos and photos that the Queen visit America in 2007 in the iPod. As we know, the Queen is a fan of iPod, so she was very satisfied and claimed that she owns a music company in the end, although she has been bought a silver iPod mini.

From the above 2 pieces of news, we should find some features of Obama, Prime Minister and Queen of England. It seems that Obama like specially sending the high-tech products to the foreign guests, but he must be awkard for the DVD event. To Brown, he should be very regretting that he can not enjoy the special gift of classic America movie from the great America leader in England until now. As to the Queen, she is satisfied about the gift until the very moment. But I still guess that if she would be embarrassed when she desires to enjoy the DVDs sent by Obama from her Prime Minister on her iPod, haha…

Then in fact, I can give them 3, Obama, Brown, and Queen a solution, so that Obama would not be awkard; Brown will not be regretted, and the Queen will never embarrassed. So that is to say the best gift for them is Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter.

What can the Best Gift of Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter do? This is a totally free program that can convert DVD to iPod compatible MP4 video file. So with it, Obama should have converted the America classic movie to MP4 video file first, then converted movies can be played on iPod easily. But the past has been pasted. For a remediation measure, Obama can send a license of Leawo free DVD to iPod converter to the Prime Minister and Queen.

For the Prime Minister, he can use Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter to convert the America classic movie DVD to iPod MP4. After conversion, there are 2 ways available for him to enjoy these classic movies.
1. He can borrow the iPod from the Queen to enjoy these movies;
2. If he own either of iPhone or Apple TV, he also can choose to enjoy the movies on his Apple TV and iPhone.
3. He can enjoy the converted file on his mini book.

For the Queen, the choices for enjoying the gift of iPod from Bbama would be much wider:
1. She can simultaneously enjoy the gift of DVD movies from Obama to Brown;
2. She would never be worried about any movies either from America or England on her iPhone;
3. She also can mix the movies with both from America and England together to enjoy.

Then in all, with Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter, I can sure that every one of Obama, Brown and the Queen of England would be happy and satisfied: Obama would not be awkard; Brown will not be regretted, and the Queen will never be embarrassed.

Right? Do you think Leawo Free DVD to iPod Converter is the best gift for them 3? Please let me know and leave your suggestion! Haha…

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