Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Terrorists in Urumqi

I have paid a visit to Xinjiang since 2 years ago. The Uygur Autonomous Region lies in Northwest of China, which is a beautiful place in China. It is rich in grape, hamimelon, Tianshan snowlotus…

However, the beautiful place Urumqi now attacked by some terrorists, what a shock news to the world. The following news from my Apple TV. Yes, you are so clever that you know I have recorded the news as a disk and then put it into my Apple TV. Frankly, Leawo DVD to Apple TV Converter does me a good favor. Many thanks.

"The Xinjiang regional government said Tuesday it has "solid evidence" that the separatist group World Uyghur Congress (WUC) led by Rebiya Kadeer masterminded Sunday's deadly violence in Urumqi.

Xinjiang police said they have obtained recordings of calls between overseas "Eastern Turkestan" groups and accomplices inside the country, Xinhua reported.

In the recorded calls, Kadeer reportedly said: "Something will happen in Urumqi." She also allegedly called her younger brother in Urumqi, saying, "We know a lot of things have happened." Authorities said the second call is in reference to the June 26 brawl involving workers from Xinjiang in a toy factory in Guangdong province, according to the report.

Anti-terror and regional experts said the WUC is connected with the World Uyghur Youth Congress - seen as one of the most-wanted terrorist groups by the Ministry of Public Security. They said the connection has enabled the WUC to wield significant influence in the region, which had fallen victim to several separatist attacks in the last two decades.

China has condemned the WUC to be a separatist organization, even though the organization has said its intention is for "peace and freedom for the Uygur community" since the group's establishment in 2004.".

Experts in China said the organization comprises a number of pro-independence, overseas Uygur groups, including the World Uyghur Youth Congress.

God bless Xinjiang, bless China!

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