Monday, May 25, 2009

The newly upgraded Leawo Video Converter V1.8 is released with more powerful functions!

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The newly added RMVB format and High-definition video of 5.1 sound track becomes available in the upgraded Leawo Video Converter V1.8!

Shenzhen, P.R. China–May 25, 2009: Leawo Software Co., Ltd, the developer of Video Converter solutions, today announces the upgraded Version1.8 of Leawo Video Converter is released. This newly upgraded V1.8 has provided newly optimized functions and fixed some bugs, including adding RMVB format, supporting high-definition video of 5.1 sound track, optimizing the conversion speed and program stability, enhancing the function of video and audio, etc.

V1.8 has added several powerful functions to give you better enjoyment. Now users can see a clear-cut profile on each category when they enter the “Style”, thus they can easily choose the most popular profile to meet their needs. Next, V1.8 has also added a new output format of RMVB,it not only provides more choice for users but changes the impression of high compression but low quality which caused by RM format. When converting Video to RMVB, V1.8 must give users a fresh impression: generating smaller video files but owning more outstanding picture quality. Besides, maybe some video files can be ceased when converting, how do users deal with it? V1.8 can do users a good favor: give a right-click to the broken file, and then hit the “Bug Reporter”, now users can click the “Copy info” button to get valuable information.

V1.8 has optimized the conversion speed and program stability. Support Multithreading code means V1.8 can convert several files at the same time, thus the conversion becomes easier and faster. Moreover, no matter what video file users want to load, V1.8 can accurately detect it and then quckily load it to make users feel at ease. And next, with the help of V1.8, the conversion program occupys less CPU space and becomes more stable, thus the conversion becomes more smooth than before.

V1.8 has enhanced the function of video/audio. Admittedly, stereoscopic effect can give users outstanding enjoyment. For this reason, V1.8 provides users 5.1 sound track's high-definition video which has 6 audio stream to give users the stereoscopic effect and then better their enjoyment. Furthermore, many subdivided settings of video quality and audio quality can allow users to select the quality they prefer. Undoubtedly, the function of making audio decoder faster can guarantee users get a faster conversion and a smooth process when playing video.

Besides, V1.8 has also fixed bug of program obstacling when merging multiple files, and bug of slow conversion when there is different time length between audio stream and video stream.

With bugs fixed and powerful functions added, the performances of V1.8 should be much better at converting videos and audios among all popular formats.

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