Sunday, May 10, 2009

A good gift for my mother on Mother's Day

How time flies! A good festival, Mother’s Day, is coming again. Did you buy a gift for your mother? As for me, how to show deep love to my beloved mother is a problem that puzzles me a lot, because I don't know what gift to buy. Annoying!

Generally, the decorative flower is a must in this festival. As everyone knows, the Carnation is one of the flowers for Mother's Day in many countries of the world. I bought a bouquet of Carnation as a gift for mother to show my grateful for her contribution to our family, and had dinner with her as well as my father on last Mother’s Day. However, now I work in a city far away from my hometown, and away from my mother. I exactly want to go home to celebrate Mother’s Day along with her and my father, but the long distance dispel my idea. So I talked to my father via MSN on Friday, our topic was what present should I buy for mother. Thanks to father’s valuable advice, I made up my mind to buy an iPhone for my dear mother.

Admittedly, besides contacting with me, my mother can not only watch her favorite movie but also enjoy music on iPhone. In my opinion, this iPhone can make mother relax herself, espscially after doing the house work. So I bought an iPhone on Friday and posted it immediately. To my delight, my mother received my gift in time on Mother’s Day, she called me and showed her happy mood naturally. As a son, I felt pleased that I could do something meaningful to make mother happy. Just on Mother’s Day, I also told my mother a website to help her get a pretty good iPhone video converter, Leawo Free iPhone video converter. Thanks for this FREE software, with its user-friendly and easy-to-use interface as well as its powerful functions, I’m sure my mother can have better enjoyment.

Haha…I realize that all mothers must extremely happy if her son or daughter cares much for her. In fact, of all mothers can feel happy no matter what gift we give to them, so a simple phrase just like ”I love you, mother” is also a good gift for all mothers all over the world.

Thanks for mother’s love, and I exactly love my mother forever!

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