Thursday, March 19, 2009

Several factors on selecting a good Freeware!

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There are a ton of “best freeware” listed when you search for a good freeware;
There are a ton of “best freeware” listed when you find a good freeware in a certain download site;
There are a ton of freeware site on these days.

Then you might be much troubled when so much freeware and so many freeware site displays on you. So the following part is to show you several factors on how to select a good freeware.

1. Good site mostly has good freeware.
If you are a newbie on finding or using app, you should select a good site from the search results in Google search engine, such as
a. This site must be professional, user-friendly, clear product description, etc. The app official site is recommended.
b. The info in the site should be inclusive, including product info, company info, support info, customer service info, etc.
c. It’s much better if you can find that the site was updated recently. To solve this problem, you can add time limitation when search app. For example, enter free avi converter 2008..2009 in search page, this means that the searched results are the valid page between 2008 and 2009.

2. Freeware products info is extremely important.
a. Product info must be inclusive, program description, screenshot, system requirements, supported OS, version No., customer comments, etc. If the site is a freeware download site, rating or popularity is one of the factors also.
b. Product description must be suitable for your needs; your machine OS must be supported, Windows or Mac;
c. Application release or update date is also very important. If the app was released or updated 1 or 2 years ago, it means that there is not company or people to maintain it, you might not get support if any problem occurs.

3. Pay much attention to the first time using.
a. Uninstall the free program at once if there are many differences between the program description and the real program.
b. Carefully test the program for the first time, delete it if it can not meet your demands.

All in all, If you can follow the above points when selecting a freeware, I am sure that there is no trouble for you when finding freeware on search engine, freeware download sites.

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