Thursday, January 7, 2010

Convert AVI to 3GP for cell phone playback in one shot

Many cell phones usually get a good playback effect of 3GP videos, so it is good for you to convert your AVI to 3GP format using a good AVI to 3GP converter so as to enjoy them and carry them wherever you go with your cell phone. Have troubles with a bunch of AVI files needed to be played on your cell phone? Join me through this guide on how to convert AVI to 3GP with Leawo AVI to 3GP Video Converter. It is a purely joyful experience with no tough feeling at all.

Leawo AVI to 3GP Video Converter is a particular program designed for the conversion from videos to 3GP formats. With an external K-Lite Codec Pack, it is able to unpack almost every video formats on earth and turn them into 3GP videos of different profiles. Apart from the standard output profiles for 3GP and 3G2, there are additional elaborate profiles which will generate compatible 3GP or 3G2 videos that are playable on your handsets, such as BlackBerry.

Leawo AVI to 3GP Video Converter is a totally clean and safe program which is available on its product page. After download and installation, follow the steps below and you can convert AVI to 3GP videos easy and fast.

Step 1: open the program and add files for conversion.

The humanized design of Leawo AVI to 3GP Video Converter allows you to fully make use of drag and drop actions. Directly dragging the files in is exactly equal to the approach via the “Add” button. If you feel the list is kind of unorganized, use the actions again to move the video files to their destined positions.

You can double click on the file title to get a preview. Besides, you can click on the file name in destination column and change the output file name as you want.

Step 2: select an appropriate profiles and enjoy extra video edit features

If you are using a GSM-based cell phone, you should be selecting *.3GP profiles. *.3G2 profiles are particularly for CDMA-based cell phones. Blackberry users may find it rather convenient because Leawo AVI to 3GP Video Converter has already set up corresponding profiles.

If the resolution of your cell phone is not the default one of 176*144, you can have more options in the codec setting panel.

The visual and sound effects depend largely on the quality settings. They are generally graded in three levels which are high, medium and low. Higher level will always come with larger file size.

There is a chance for you to have some entertainment before conversion. Leawo AVI to 3GP Video Converter provides video edit features in customization panel, on which you can make changes to your videos easily.

Under the "Effect" feature, you are able to turn up or down the brightness, contrast and the audio volume of the video. The modification will be immediately revealed in the preview window rightwards.

If you feel it is necessary to cut a segment from the original video, use "Trim" feature to give it a clear cut with a high precision of millisecond.

When the video has black margins that reduce the visibility, you can straightly get rid of them via the "Crop" feature.

There are two ways you can add a logo or a text anywhere on the video surface. Just go to "Logo" and "Text" to create your special signatures.

Create a logo watermark from JPG, BMP or PNG pictures.

Or create a text watermark in any style you want.

Step 3: let the conversion begin in a highly productive way.

Navigate to “Options -> Preferences” to increase the number of "Max Process". This will get your CPU focus more cycles on the video conversion and probably gain you speed by 1.5 to 2 times.

During a long conversion, it is very likely that you have to get around for something else. You can leave Leawo AVI to 3GP Video Converter running until the conversion finishes. The program will either open the output folder or shut down computer depending on which of the two commands you have given.

Leawo AVI to 3GP Video Converter is very capable of doing a decent job for your cell phone video enjoyment. In addition to AVI files, it can convert almost any video files to 3GP/3G2 format. For more information, visit Leawo AVI to 3GP Video Converter's official page.


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