Sunday, September 6, 2009

Video converter makes alternative for quick video editing

If you have experienced many circumstances in video making, you must feel you have to edit the video so that it could reinforce your point. Unorganized and choppy videos can only confuse the audience and devaluate the video making effort. For example, you are the photographer in a wedding ceremony. Despite your endeavoring focus on the theme, you might as well catch some shots that are not wanted to be part of the memorial. One thing you could do about it is to take them off the video timeline. So it is naturally to think of video editing softwares, such as Adobe Premiere, PowerDirector and Corel Video Studio. With them you can do almost everything you want in video editing. Honestly, such video editing softwares are more than satisfactory to you, and their price is skyrocketing and they are usually too intricate for ordinary people to use. Hereby, I suggest you turn your investment to video converter solutions. They are the subtle alternatives for users’ demands on video conversion as well as daily video editing.

You might wonder what a video converter can do for you in the case mentioned above. OK, we need to discuss it with a marketed video converter, Leawo Video Converter. Firstly, let’s assume you need to remove the unnecessary head of the video, starting it right from the church door is opened with the bride appearing on the scene. Use the trim function of LVC to do the job. You can move the sliders on the player bar to set the start point and the end point of the duration while the original video is on preview.

I have to say the most fascinating feature lies in the precision of clipping. The precision LVC provides is at millisecond. As the usual frame rate of a video is 30 fps, namely one frame per 33 milliseconds, you can be definitely assured of cutting to the point. And this feature does set LVC apart from other video converters.

Secondly, LVC is a professional video format exchanger. After editing, you can change your video for another format so as to deliver it through all kinds of media. Upon spreading the video, you can have the sensation shared with more people around you.

As for the price, LVC only costs $14.95, several times lower than Adobe Premiere which costs $79.99, PowerDirector $69.95 and Corel Video Studio $69.99. Well then, you can have your money do the talk.

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